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Preparations before getting a tattoo

Sleep well

Getting a tattoo can be a stressful experience for your body, so it’s important that you are in the best possible shape when you have your tattoo done. Sleep is how the body recharges and repairs itself. It is therefore important that you get more than enough sleep both before and after you have a tattoo done.

Eat properly and bring your lunch

Dieting and getting a tattoo done does not go well together. It is important that your body is as strong as possible when getting a tattoo, and then it needs nourishment. You should eat well before having your tattoo done. It may also be a good idea to bring a little lunch, or at least some snacks for your tattoo session to make sure you keep your blood sugar up. Some goodies can also help some forget about the pain.

Bring Reference Materials

Although you probably already have provided the reference materials to your tattoo artist, you may still want to bring these along, preferably in electronic format, so you are absolutely sure that you are getting the right tattoo the way you want it.

Provide your own entertainment

Your tattoo artist is going to be busy with their artwork, so you can’t expect him or her to also entertain you. If your tattoo takes hours, you can easily get bored. Then it’s a good idea to bring your own entertainment. Many choose to bring a good old-fashioned book to read, or a laptop or a phone watch a good movie while the tattoo artist is working. This can also help you forget about the discomfort of getting the tattoo. Remember that video games or other types of entertainment that keep you moving are not appropriate when having a tattoo done.

Avoid alcohol and coffee

It may be tempting to have a few stiff drinks before having a tattoo done to get some extra courage, but this is not recommended. You may have heard that it is not recommended to drink alcohol before taking a tattoo, but not everyone is aware of why this is not recommended. Apart from reducing judgment, alcohol also reduces your general condition and stamina. In addition to this alcohol also has a blood-thinning effect that may cause you to bleed more easily. Bleeding will reduce the quality of your tattoo. Coffee, and energy drinks containing caffeine, have similar effect, and should therefore also be avoided before having a tattoo done.


Dry skin is fragile and is more easily damaged than supple and hydrated skin. You should therefore provide enough hydration before having a tattoo done. Apply plenty of moisturizer to the skin where you will have the tattoo for a week before having the tattoo done. In addition to hydrating well from the outside, you should also make sure to hydrate plenty from the inside by drinking plenty of water.

Drinking water is also important for your general condition. It is very important that you drink enough just before, during, and after getting the tattoo done. If you drink too little on beforehand, this affects the suppleness of your skin and how ready your body is for the strain. If you do not drink enough while you are having the tattoo done you may also become fatigued. Proper hydration also helps the tattoo heal faster after you are done.

Remove hair

It is difficult to move around easily in a jungle. Similarly, it is difficult to create a good tattoo if the area you are tattooing is full of bushy hair-growth. For best results, remove hair-growth before getting a tattoo. You can do this by shaving or waxing. If waxing it is important that you get this done a week in advance so that your skin has time to recover completely after the treatment before you get started on the tattoo.

Postpone the tattoo if you are sick or injured

Sometimes accidents happen and you get sick or injure yourself just before having a tattoo done. It is not a good idea to come in for a tattoo while you are in a reduced general condition, so if you suffer an injury or are ill, you should contact the tattoo artist and get your appointment postponed so that your body has time to recover first. Remember that a week more or less doesn’t matter much when you think about how long you will be able to enjoy the tattoo, so there is no need to be in a hurry and take unnecessary chances.

Go it alone

It may be tempting to bring a friend as a mental support when having your tattoo done. This is not necessarily recommended. Having a tattoo done can be a lengthy process, and your companion will most likely get bored. This can be distracting and frustrating for both you, the tattoo artist and the person you bring along. It can often end up with the person you bring along getting in the way of the tattoo artist and making the process more difficult.

Dress for success

Having a tattoo done can take a long time. You often also might have to spend time sitting or lying in unusual positions for the tattooist to get to the right spot. This can be uncomfortable if you are wearing the wrong type of clothes. Generally it is best to wear light and loose clothes that do not inhibit your movements. It may also be a good idea to bring a pillow (or maybe a teddy bear?) That can help you feel as comfortable as possible, especially if you are planning a larger tattoo that will take a long time.

Inform the tattoo artist about any medication or health issues

If you are on medication or have chronic disorders it is important that you inform your tattoo artist in advance so that you can identify what risks having the tattoo might involve for you, and what effects your disorder or medication may have on the work of the tattoo artist.

Pain killers

For some the pain of tattooing can be a little too much. It can be tempting to resort to painkillers to numb the pain. It’s important to remember that not all types of pain killers can be used when having a tattoo done. Many common non-prescription painkillers can be used, but keep in mind that some painkillers such as Ibuprofen or Aspirin have a blood-thinning effect and therefore are not suitable. Painkillers is something you should always discuss with your tattoo artist in

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