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How to find the perfect tattoo

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The Internet has made it much easier to find examples of tattoos.This makes it easier than ever to find inspiration for what you want your tattoo to look like. At the same time having so much to choose from can make it difficult to make up your mind about where to start looking for the perfect tattoo for you. This article will give you a few tips about how you can proceed in a systematic manner to make it a little bit easier.

Think about why you want the tattoo

Some want tattoos for cultural reasons. Culturally, tattoos have long been used as a sign of belonging to a culture. This is an ancient practice that is still practiced in many parts of the world. Samoan, Maori, Hawaiian, and Aboriginal cultures are some examples of cultures with strong traditions of tattooing. Many people still choose to get tattoos to show their belonging to their culture.

Many also use tattoos to show their affiliation with subcultures. It is for example common to have a tattoo if you are part of the biker or punk environment. Some more sinister examples are criminal subcultures such as the Yakuza and the Russian Mafia, which are also known for their love of tattoos. Tattoos are also common in military environments.

Some get tattoos to highlight things that are important to them personally. This is often very individual, and it is not always easy to immediately understand what such a tattoo means. Some typical examples of this type of tattoo may be tattoos that have to do with children, love or family relationships. Such tattoos can also sometimes include a motto, a picture of a role model or even snippets of lyrics.

Some people want a tattoo simply because they think tattoos are cool or look beautiful. Maybe you see a tattoo that you immediately know belongs on your body and will give your body a touch you like.

If you have tattoos you stand out, and people will notice you more easily. If you are simply being yourself and want others to notice you and who you are, a tattoo could help you show others who you really are.

Getting tattoos is considered by many to be a bit rebellious. In some religions or societies, tattoos are considered inappropriate. There are also many families where getting tattoos is not considered acceptable. There are therefore many who simply decide to get a tattoo to make it clear both to themselves and others that they are rebelling against these norms.

Tattoos can also be used to cover other things and beautify the body. For many a tattoo can be the answer to covering something unsightly, such as scars, stretch marks, discoloration of the skin. A tattoo can help hide this, or in some cases these unsightly things are used as a creative part of the design.

In addition, there are people who simply get hooked on tattoos and just have to have more. They actually enjoy the pain, and the process of getting a tattoo, and they want more.

When choosing your tattoo, it may be a good idea to have a clear idea about why you really want a tattoo. This can often help you find the perfect tattoo for you. If you understand why you want to get tattooed, this can help narrow down keywords so you get more relevant search results online. It will also give your tattooist more information to work with when designing your tattoo.

Correct placement of the tattoo is important

A perfect tattoo is a perfectly placed tattoo. A tattoo is a living work of art that is part of your body, but it is also important to remember that your body also is a part of the work of art. This means that where the tattoo is placed can mean a lot to what people read out of it. Of course, the placement also affects who sees the tattoo. The placement also has an impact on how the tattoo looks over time.

For example, if you are a slightly rebellious lawyer, it may be appropriate to have the tattoo in a place where it is relatively visible, but still easily can be covered in the contexts it would required. This could for example be on the forearms or the neck where it can be concealed by a shirt collar.

Placement is also important for how long your tattoo stays nice. Skin that experiences much movement and stretching is where your tattoo will be broken down and lose its good appearance quickly. One of the worst places where you can have a tattoo is probably your stomach. Good places include the inside of the arm, collarbone, back, shoulders and top of the ribs.

Remember that a tattoo covering birthmarks is not necessarily a good idea as the tattoo will make it more difficult to detect skin cancer.

Choice of colors

The perfect color for a tattoo can vary greatly from person to person. First and foremost, you should choose a tattoo with colors that you like. Remember that these are the colors you later have to live with permanently on your body. When selecting the colors it is also important to consider how good the tattoo will look over time as some colors fade.

In addition, there are other things that you should consider. For example, there are different types of colors and inks suitable for different skin tones. You should make sure that the tattoo artist you choose has experience with your skin tone and that he or she is aware of the color choices and inks that will look good for your skin.

Choose one that will stand the test of time

The perfect tattoo is one that can withstand both its own aging as well as yours. That means it still has to look good when your body changes. For example, if your skin becomes softer and you get wrinkles, this can have a major impact on some types of tattoos, while others look just as good many years later.

In general, slightly larger tattoos with clear and strong lines are better in the long run as they will still be clear and look good even after the tattoo fades a bit. These types of tattoos will also often tolerate changes in your skin better than small, intricate tattoos with thin lines. Color selection is also here important since many of the freshest colors also are the colors that fade faster.

Use a good tattoo artist and listen to the advice you get

As soon as you have some idea about what you want, you may like to talk to a tattoo artist. It is important that you find a tattoo artist with a portfolio that appeals to you and that you communicate easily with so that you both agree on what it is you want to express with your tattoo and how you want it to look.

An experienced tattoo artist will also be able to give you tips and suggestions. In many cases, the tattoo artist may come up with features that gives you a much more stylish tattoo than the one you originally planned. He will also be able to guide you when it comes to placement so that you do not, for example, get a tattoo that will look weird if you make certain movements, or that suddenly becomes completely different if you put on a few pounds.

You’ve got plenty of time

You will hardly find the perfect tattoo if you rush it. This does not mean that your tattoo needs a deep meaning, often meaning also develops over time. What it does mean is that it may be a good idea to sleep on it, come back a few days later and see if you still like the design you have chosen. Take the time you need to decide, after all, you can enjoy the tattoo for the rest of your life, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the sight of it later.

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