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Common Places for Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. In the past it was often sailors and people from criminal environments who had tattoos done. These days the “common man” is also getting tattoos done. In the past tattoos were often seen as a way of showing belonging to a certain community. Now tattoos is considered an established artform that just as often is used to express individuality rather than belonging.

The growing interest in tattoos has resulted in a boom for the tattoo industry. Several experts now believe that the trend has reached a peak, but if you take a walk around and talk to people in the industry and people on the street you get the impression that tattoos are something people would rather have more of. The tattoo industry is noticing particularly strong demand during the summer.

The Celebrities Inspire

More and more celebrities are getting tattoos and fuelling the tattoo trend. Many people get inspiration and good ideas when seeing the tattoos displayed by celebrities. Celebrities also help reduce prejudice against tattoos. David Beckham is an example of a celebrity who has been an inspiration for many to have tattoos done.

Regular customers

It is a known phenomenon that people who get tattoos often want more. For some the body eventually becomes a canvas for expressing opinions, feelings or personal thoughts. In the earlier days people would often have one tattoo, but today an increasing number of people are getting hooked on tattoos and want more. It is now also common for people to get bigger tattoos than before. Regular customers and bigger jobs means good times for a tattoo studios across the country.

New and old designs

People now tattoo different motifs on the body than before. Stars were popular a few years ago, but now it is rather more popular to write down something like a motto you live by. Tattoos of owls, swallows and dream catchers are currently also popular designs. Maritime tattoos that used to be popular among sailors in the past have also had a comeback lately. The same goes for blackwork style including tribal tattoos. The tribal tattoos are now often combined with new and more sophisticated shading techniques. Realism is also a current trend that fascinates many.

Most Common Among Women

In a larger survey of over 15,000 people, it was found that 20% of respondents have at least one tattoo. It was also revealed that more women than men are having tattoos done. According to the survey, 23.8 percent of women had tattoos, while only 17.9 percent of the men had tattoos. The survey also discovered that there is a connection between tattoos and education. People with higher education more often hide their tattoos compared to people with lower education. This may not be a big surprise, as people with higher education often have jobs where visible tattoos are not approved.

The most common places for tattoos

For the tattoo artist, your body is a canvas. Only your imagination limits where you can have a tattoo. The arms are among the most popular places to get a tattoo. The upper body is also popular, especially the chest and back.

Your occupation or workplace might limit where you can get a tattoo. One should not discriminate against others in the workplace, but the fact is discrimination can be experienced if you have visible tattoos. This is especially true of face tattoos and head tattoos. It is therefore not recommended to get tattoos on the face or head.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are permanent, and the tattoo industry is therefore full of examples of people who regret their tattoos. This can include everything from tattoos with the name of an ex to tattoos with misspellings that you had done while drunk, or tattoos you just feel tired of looking at.

If you have a tattoo you do not like, it is good to know that it now is possible to remove tattoos. This is not very easy. It takes a long time and it will cost you a lot more than it cost you to have the tattoo done in the first place. The results may also not always be as good as you imagined. The best way to remove a tattoo is usually by laser. Another cheaper alternative is to cover the tattoo with a new one.

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