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Tattoo Aftercare

Congratulations on a new tattoo!


Now that your tattoo artist has done their job, it’s up to you to give your tattoo the needed aftercare so that you have the best possible result. Your tattoo is in fact an open wound and must be treated accordingly. How the wound heals depends on the aftercare, although certain areas may heal differently due to wear and tear (e.g. hands, fingers, elbows, feet, knees).


It is important that you take care of your tattoo so that it does not fade or become uneven. The tattoo can change during the aftercare because it, as a wound, will grow. When it has grown, it will be permanent. When you want to get a tattoo, you pay an artist to give you a unique piece of art. But the job is not done yet! As soon as you leave us you must be careful with, and look after your tattoo.

What you need:

  • Tattoo aftercare cream (can be bought from our Studio shop)
  • Soap (Norwegian “grønnsåpe”, e.g. Krystal Grønnsåpe)


After your tattoo has been finished, the tattoo artist will place a layer of plastic foil for you to wear a minimum of 12 hours. After the 12 hours have passed, you can remove the plastic foil and clean the tattoo. Remember to wash your hands first, and then carefully wash the tattoo with a 1:10 mix of soap and water. Gently wipe with a paper towel. When this is done, you can apply a thin layer of aftercare cream which can be bought from us here in the studio or at the pharmacy.


For the next days, you don’t have to wear a plastic foil over your tattoo. However, if you know you will be particularly exposed to dirt and bacteria from children, dogs, etc. you can wear a garment or clothing that covers the tattoo.

You still need to clean the tattoo once a day for the next 5 days with the soap mix as mentioned above, in addition to a layer of aftercare cream that needs to be applied 3 times a day (morning, dinnertime and evening).


After a few days, a thin layer (scab) may form over the tattoo, which is supposed to peel off by itself. However, you want to avoid any scab at all, because parts of the ink may go away with the scab. Keep using the aftercare cream for 2 weeks until the scabs have stopped peeling off. It is very important that you avoid any direct sun or bathing (in chlorinated water) throughout this 2-week period. Do not use any sunblock on the tattoo until the wounds have finished healing.


  • Avoid any use of perfume or perfumed soap on the tattoo during its healing, as this can irritate the skin
  • Do not scratch or otherwise pick on the tattoo during this time
  • Change to clean bedsheets for the night after you get the tattoo
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes or garments over the tattooed area to avoid friction and irritation of the skin
  • Use a sunblock on your tattoos to maintain them for the longest time
  • To all the animal lovers: Sorry, but your loved one(s) should not stay in bed with you during the first week after!

We hope your experience lived up to your expectations and we would love to follow you up as our customer. We appreciate any feedback on your experience with us at Timeless Tattoo. If you have any questions regarding aftercare or if you experience any complications, please contact us and we will help you as best we can.

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It is not unusual for people with new tattoos to have an infection. The main reason for this is not following the advice on aftercare thoroughly. If you experience any pain or unwanted symptoms, you should contact a doctor immediately. Remember, it is much easier (and nicer) to tend to a tattoo than taking care of an infection. So, here is some advice to avoid any inflammation or infections while you still have a fresh new tattoo:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the tattoo or applying any cream or ointment
  • Use clean bedsheets every night for the first couple of days after getting the tattoo
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Use clean towels every time you take a shower
  • Keep your new tattoo away from animals, children’s hands or anything that can carry and transfer bacteria or germs
  • When in a safe environment, it is beneficial to give the tattoo some air and let it breathe properly


Fresh tattoos are very sensitive to sunlight and you should avoid direct sunlight at all costs while the wounds are still growing. Do not go to the beach or lay down in the sun with a new tattoo! Also, you should stay away from sand, sunbeds or any outdoor activities that will expose your fresh tattoo to the sun or bacteria. If your new tattoo is exposed to the sun, it can easily get burnt, and the body’s natural reaction to this is to excrete liquids that can ruin the artwork.

If you do decide to hit the beach or near any body of water, you should cover up your tattoo accordingly. The bacteria love water, so you should avoid swimming in a pool/sea/lake or coming in contact with any water at all cost. The reason is that the water in these places are most likely not clean (i.e. not sterile) and this can easily cause your tattoo wounds to become infected. Showering is fine but should be done with utmost care. Do not let your tattoo stay wet for longer periods!


YES, you can work out with a fresh tattoo! But like we mentioned earlier, any contact with water is problematic, so any training or working out that is done in (or with) water should wait until after the wounds have healed. Running and weightlifting and such should be fine. A rule of thumb here is that if anything is hurting abnormally, you should give it a rest, and don’t forget to contact a doctor if something seems wrong! If the tattoo itself hurts while working out, you can lubricate it with an ointment or lotion to see if that helps.

You should also avoid training the muscles in and around the area of the tattoo, as this can feel tight and cause more pain. Because the tattoo is currently a big wound, moving (and growing!) muscles in the said area might hurt more. For hygienic reasons, you must wash your workout clothes before and after your session. Many people will also discourage any activity at a gym studio to avoid any contact with bacteria. Which, to be frank, makes sense considering there are a lot of those at the gym with all that sweating and breathing and many people in one, tight space. Consider your condition and be wise!


As you know by now, a fresh tattoo is a fresh wound. It will take about 2-3 weeks for the wound to heal properly. If you tattoo your legs, ankles or feet it might take even longer. You don’t have to apply any lubricants or ointments to your tattoo more than whenever it feels a little tight or dry. As the skin heals by itself, it will need less lubrication. A general word of advice: less is more. No need to overdo the use of lotions, as long as you do use them.